JEM is outrageous, Ooooh JEM! JEM is my name! JEMMM!

This morning on BFM I heard that they were going to make a movie of He-Man. Remember him?  The uber-tan bodybuilder-looking prince who prances around in a furry pelt of a loincloth, riding on Battlecat.  They did make a He-Man movie in the 80s, but if I recall correctly it was sans the furry loincloth & Battlecat.  Wha….??  Blergh. Where’s the fun in that? & they also worked in the whole cross-over to our dimension.  Fail.   So I hope this time, the movie tries to stay as true as possible to the cartoon (wouldn’t that be fun?).

He-Man is like the umpteenth 80s cartoon to be made into a movie.  Before that there was Transformers, Smurfs, Garfield…. what else? Ok, I can’t recall.  But the gist of all this is basically the obsession of Hollywood & the Hipsters with 80s & 90s culture.  The cartoons, the fashion, the TV series (90210 & Dallas remakes, anyone?).

Which finally brings me to my point —-> Hipsters may think they’re cool for liking & being “in-the-know” on 80s & 90s culture or bringing back the fashion. The truth is, the real cool people are the Gen-X, because we’re the ones who had good taste as a kid to DEVOUR the 80s & 90s cartoons & TV series. & also the original Hipster fashionistas (coz we wore the “Hipster” fashion the 1st time round, mind you).  Hahaha. Yaay, us!

If they ever did make more movies of 80s cartoons, the ones on the top of my list would definitely be :

  1. Thundercats (what? You don’t think human-felines running & fighting in leotards won’t sell tickets?)
  2. Voltron (it’d be like super awesome, like a cross Transformers but instead of automobiles, they’re LIONS!!)
  3. JEM (obviously the actress for JEM should only lip-sync to the voice of Debbie Gibson or Tiffany singing the songs!).

I’ll sign-off with some lines from a much-loved & oft-sang bastardised version of the opening gambit of Thudercats “

Cheetara lari laju, tertinggal baju.

Panthero pergi memancing, terkencing-kencing

Hahahaha.  I miss my childhood.

PS Had a chance to read my last 2 blog posts. Ewwww.  How much more smug-married could I sound? *cringe*  I’m still happy, regardless.  Just, hopefully, less smug.  😉

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