JEM is outrageous, Ooooh JEM! JEM is my name! JEMMM!

This morning on BFM I heard that they were going to make a movie of He-Man. Remember him?  The uber-tan bodybuilder-looking prince who prances around in a furry pelt of a loincloth, riding on Battlecat.  They did make a He-Man movie in the 80s, but if I recall correctly it was sans the furry loincloth & Battlecat.  Wha….??  Blergh. Where’s the fun in that? & they also worked in the whole cross-over to our dimension.  Fail.   So I hope this time, the movie tries to stay as true as possible to the cartoon (wouldn’t that be fun?).

He-Man is like the umpteenth 80s cartoon to be made into a movie.  Before that there was Transformers, Smurfs, Garfield…. what else? Ok, I can’t recall.  But the gist of all this is basically the obsession of Hollywood & the Hipsters with 80s & 90s culture.  The cartoons, the fashion, the TV series (90210 & Dallas remakes, anyone?).

Which finally brings me to my point —-> Hipsters may think they’re cool for liking & being “in-the-know” on 80s & 90s culture or bringing back the fashion. The truth is, the real cool people are the Gen-X, because we’re the ones who had good taste as a kid to DEVOUR the 80s & 90s cartoons & TV series. & also the original Hipster fashionistas (coz we wore the “Hipster” fashion the 1st time round, mind you).  Hahaha. Yaay, us!

If they ever did make more movies of 80s cartoons, the ones on the top of my list would definitely be :

  1. Thundercats (what? You don’t think human-felines running & fighting in leotards won’t sell tickets?)
  2. Voltron (it’d be like super awesome, like a cross Transformers but instead of automobiles, they’re LIONS!!)
  3. JEM (obviously the actress for JEM should only lip-sync to the voice of Debbie Gibson or Tiffany singing the songs!).

I’ll sign-off with some lines from a much-loved & oft-sang bastardised version of the opening gambit of Thudercats “

Cheetara lari laju, tertinggal baju.

Panthero pergi memancing, terkencing-kencing

Hahahaha.  I miss my childhood.

PS Had a chance to read my last 2 blog posts. Ewwww.  How much more smug-married could I sound? *cringe*  I’m still happy, regardless.  Just, hopefully, less smug.  😉

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My Wedding

This gallery contains 20 photos.

So I got married (as you would have guessed by now). I was blessed to have married the man of my dreams & have the wedding of my dreams. See, I’m one of those brides who loved her wedding so … Continue reading

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Goodbye, the Dark Place. Hello, 1 Month Anniversary

I’m back & this time I brought a husband with me 🙂

Who knew?

I’ve been happily married for one month & one day now.


We attended a dear friend’s wedding reception last night. & she gave a heartfelt speech that was unrehearsed & unwritten. Neither did it need to be rehearsed nor written, because it truly came from her heart. You could hear it in her voice & the adoration in her eyes for her husband.

See, this friend & I had been through the stormy singles together. We had different methods, but no doubt similar goals : to find MR BIG.

In the end, she found & married Petrovsky, whilst I met & married Aidan. In her speech, she spoke about opening your heart to love or you’ll never find that true happiness we’re always searching for. Too often we make too many excuses or get stuck a rut, making the same mistakes (despite having been given multiple chances to learn the lesson so we can do it right the next time around).

I couldn’t agree with her more on that point. Open your heart. I opened mine to this man that I now call husband. Not just to love him, but to find humility in me to admit that I am not perfect. & that although I love myself for everything that I am & he loves me for everything that I love about myself, there is still room for change & improvement.

I guess true love means finding someone that not only loves you for the same reasons you love yourself, but is such a beautiful soul himself, that he inspires you to be a better person in every which way you can.


I’m a happy wife. And just like my friend, I’ve never been happier than since I married my husband.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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The Dark Place

Dear God,
Please give me the courage to change that which I can;
The strength to accept that which I cannot;
And, the wisdom the know the difference.

So goes the prayer read by AA-ers, the prayer that has also done its due roadshow on the email circuit.

There was a point in my life where I fervently chanted this prayer in my heart every waking second.  By the grace of God, He had mercifully granted me the strength I needed to go on living because the turn of events led to "courage" not having a place after all.

I’ve been told no one would be given a test that he or she is not able to face or get through.

Forgive me God, for I’m praying for a miracle. I’m too weak to pray for strength or courage, because this burden is too heavy to bear & I’m running low on positivity.

I pray now for enlightenment. To lift me out of this dark place I’ve found myself in again.  So that if a miracle doesn’t come, I’ll know what to pray for to help me get out of this dark place.

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The Grace of God

I want to be happy. Badly.
But today makes it very hard.
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Balik Kampung! (aka Hye ho the derry oh, to Johor we will go)

You know you’ve arrived in Johor when ……

1. Drivers on the road have the "do the kiasu or die" attitude

2. A driver overtakes you on a single-lane trunk road from the left, using the emergency lane.

3. When something gets flung out the window of a moving vehicle, you swerve sharply as if it’s a bomb because it is more often than not a plastic bag containing very heavy garbage (which is just as bad as a bomb, if you ask me).

4. While driving on a double lane trunk road, you’re stuck behind slow+massive timber-bearing lorries (that look like their logs about to roll-off anytime & send you to your Final Destination) in the left lane, & a super slow, hesitant Wilayah/Selangor driver in the right lane. That Reservoir Dogs song comes to mind : clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle (of Johor!) with youuuuuu.

5. While driving on a single-lane trunk road, a car zooms out of a junction at break-neck speed in front of your car, then promptly comes to an almost halt & proceeds to drive at 30km p/hour.

6. Your body quivers & trembles in paranoid fear while doing toilet in the infamous Katerina Hotel for fear of finding videos of your bam-bam making no.2 being circulated on the internet.

7. JB drivers tell you what wonderful, law-abiding, model citizens they are on the roads but then forced to go into self-defense mode because those crazy Singaporeans are running amok on the roads of JB (probably delirious & dizzy with excitement at the thought of being abe to escape that rigid regime of their country, & in rebellious revolt, they decide to terrorise us on our streets).

8. The ambulance switches on its swirly red lights & banshee-siren, jumps a red light, then promptly switches both off & MAKES A RUN FOR IT (presumably not towards a hospital?)
I’m finally done with my cross-country roadshow for the year! Phew.  Now I can rest from all the travelling, until next year, that is. & next year really is next month.  Sigh….

I’ve been relaying my travel adventures & misadventures to a friend, & the lovely quaint spots (gems of Malaysia’s small towns) I’ve been to on my travels.  And he’s trying to convince me to write a travel blog. Hmmmmm…. now there’s an idea worth exploring. 

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